Above all, we speak dog. This means, we understand what dogs need to be stimulated and happy. Each day, our goal is to hike in synergy with your dog. We learn to speak their language and they learn to understand ours.  

Santa Cruz Dog Walker

Michelle Nolan


From working with professional dog handlers, in the trenches supervising large dog playgroups to hiking packs in Santa Cruz, my life has always been about the dogs. The natural progression was to create my own company to better serve the needs of my community. There is nothing more empowering to me than hiking a group of dogs cohesively. I'm irrevocably passionate and devoted to each and every dog who joins our pack. I look forward to getting to know you and your dog!


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Jeffrey Wallace
Business Partner

Hello! I'm Jeff! I've been working with Michelle for about seven years, assisting with overnight care and dog walking part time. I'm a career car mechanic at Santa Cruz Toyota but enjoy spending my days off beside dogs.  See you on the trails!


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Sarah A.

Pack Leader

Sarah has been a passionate animal lover from the day she was born! Born at home with her family corgi waiting anxiously nearby, she was destined to be a lover of all furry friends (and scaly too--no discrimination). Sarah believes that our dog companions need to receive all the love and respect in order for us to expect it back. With this philosophy in mind, Sarah brings care and determination to each training case, each hike, and all dog interactions she comes across!








Jen J.

Pack Leader

Hi! Iā€™m Jen. Working independently as a private dog walker and sitter is rewarding, but nothing compares to being part of the Pacific Paw Pack. Dogs learn from us and we learn from them, but most importantly they learn from each other. That is the power of the pack. I am Pet First Aid and CPR certified, a mom to a 10 month old Lab, Pit, Kelpie rescue pup and an 8 year old human boy. I practice the same traits with my kids as I do with the pack: love, trust, consistency, patience and calm leadership.


Alessandra G.

Pack Leader


Hi there! I'm Alessandra. I was born and raised in San Francisco and
I've been living in Santa Cruz for about a year and a half. When I'm
not on the trails with the pups, I'm waiting tables on the East Side
or spending my time surfing up and down the coast. I've always loved
dogs and it is a joy to connect with them on the trails and be a guide
for them on their adventures around Santa Cruz!



Pack Leader